welcome to the interwebs.

here we go, folks. a website of the official sorts. loggin’ on in three, two, here we go. i’m excited to introduce you to a home for all things music related of the wright gatewood variety. there will be tour dates. there will be studio updates. there will be blood, and sweat, and tears of joy. but most importantly there will be you and me. the us in between this roller coaster ride. so let’s go.

it’s almost been four years since i left alabama for a colder city up north that goes by the name of chicago. it has been a ride, fellow humans. full of the good and the bad and the abnormally pretty. and all along this journey, i’ve been collecting sound bites, words from the wiser than i, and as many pocket sized melodies that my eager hands could gather. all of these pieces will come together to make up the first in a series of EPs that i will be releasing over the next few years.

in spring of 2019, the first in the series, The City EP, will be made available for your listening pleasure. i will do my due diligence to capture what i’ve learned in this place, pass it on, and move right along. these songs truly are something special to me and i can’t wait to have them out in the world.

so grab hold of your hats, cats, and sunglasses. kick off your walking shoes. and lets get ready to wander!

yours truly,